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What Member Do Bay Slayers Fish Tagging Program is easy and fun to do. Catch a fish, scan a tag, document your success, share bragging rights or challenges, find all the great hot spots. Never fished? This will teach you how. Already a fisherman? Learn how to become the best at it. Easy access to state and federal legalities, look up data, learn about their habits and patterns, help provide data to our government and researchers, personalize your catches, learn about other people catching fish prior or after you, and much more, all while helping in the preservation of life for years to come!
Who Will it benefit Thank you to all the research groups, government, and private for the research they do for the fishing community today! Here is a program that will save you a lot of time and money, It gets the people of the world to help document much needed information without many phone calls and department after department wasting valuable resources on monotonous work. This takes the guess work out and no more hoping people are giving accurate information. Anglers, you will be able to become the best fisherman, while being able to share your catch on social media, with your friends and family. Commercial party boats are you sick of your patrons catching illegal fish and being disappointed? No more. They know can personalize their catches and track them from catch to catch with this very simple product. Professional fisherman are you tired of keeping the fish in a livewell until they arrive back at the dock, just to weight them at the end of the day. Well no more! Take a photo, it will tell you the length and girth and estimate the weight It will benefit many people and groups in the world today and for many years to come! Most of all it will benefit the FISH THEMSELVES!!! Keeping them around forever!
Our Story Hello, my name is Michael A. Taffler. I live in a small Fishing Village Sneads Ferry NC. In October 2014, Kristin, my daughter’s best friend, came down to visit us for a couple of weeks. We decide to go out and spend the day Trout and Red Drum fishing, so I go to one of my hot spots that took me years to find and gave me writer’s cramp from inputting all the fishing data into my little black book. Well this hot spot is one that when the fish are there they are there! Wow, your shoulders start to hurt. So we were fishing and caught a fish with a yellow tag sticking out of its belly. We thought “huh, what is this?” We took a closer look at it, and it had a phone number listed on it. We called and a representative answered the phone, asked what color the tag was and then transferred me to another representative. Now, the other representative gets on the phone, she tells us that we have won a prize!
Lucky us! She asks us if we want a baseball cap or a towel. Kristin tells her the towel and she proceeds to take our phone number and address to mail it to us. She then goes on to transfer me to another representative who asks me a series of questions about the location of the fish, the size, girth, water temp, she goes as far to ask about the weather and many other questions. I answered the questions to the best of my ability, but ended up giving her the wrong measurements and some wrong information. She goes on to tell me my prize along with the fish’s information, such as where it was released and where I caught it, would be sent to me in six to eight weeks. I turned and said to Kristin, “I have email. Why 6 to 8 weeks?” and the rep said it goes through many departments.I hung up and thought there has to be a better way than this, and thought “Wow.

We are getting much needed information, that is not accurate, and it takes four plus employees to handle it?” Something is wrong!! So I thought of the Bay Slayers Fish Tagging Program, which will take all of the information and upload it from your hand held device (such as a cell phone) by the angler, and the research teams now can spend the time they need doing scientific work, not answering phones or doing paperwork just to get the information they need. It also allows you to takes the little black book you kept all your data in and throw it away. Not only will you have your data, but the data of the world at your fingertips. This system is a win-win for both researchers, government, and all anglers in the world.
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